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Sri Lankan tea (known for generations as Ceylon Tea) carries behind it a heritage and success story like no other. A product that began as a diversification experiment in 1867 spanning just 19 acres of land has today surpassed all geographical borders to satisfy 19% of global demand.

Formal Tea Types

  • BOP – Well-made, neat leaf of medium size without excessive stalk or fiber. There should not be any fine particles (fannings and dust) which are not true-to-grade.
  • BOP Sp – Larger in size than a BOP lack and clean in appearance. Note: BOP & BOP special be treated as two grades, but for cataloging purposes treat as one grade.
  • BOPF – Neat leaf, fairly clean. ….. But smaller than the BOP grade. There should not be any fine dust present.
  • BOP 1 – Should be wiry and twisted, but shorter than an OP1.
  • FBOP – Smaller/shorter than BOP1 with presence of tips, but larger than FBOPF1.
  • FBOP 1 – Long, twisted, wiry leaf. Fairly tippy. Longer than BOP1.
  • PEKOE – Shotty, curly or semi-cirly leaf of large size of any elevation.
  • PEKOE1 – Same as Pekoe, but smaller in size than Pekoe of any elevation. This replaces the Flowery Pekoe grade.Note: Pekoe and Fekoe 1 will be treated as two grades, but for cataloguing purposes treat as one grade.
  • FBOPF (FF) – Similar in size to BOP……… and must contain tips.
  • FBOPF 1 (FF1) – Larger than BOP. Smaller than a FBOP with a show of tips.
  • FBOPF – Similar in size to BOP with a fair presence of tips.
  • FBOPF Ex. Sp. – Small leaf and must have an attractive show of golden or silver tips with little black leaf.
  • FBOPF Ex. Sp1 – Leafy and must have an attractive show of golden or silver tips with little black leaf.
  • OP 1 – Long, wiry well or partly twisted.
  • OP – Less wiry than OP1, but much more twisted than OPA.
  • OPA – Long bold leaf tea with air twist.
  • BP – (Off Grades) – Should e choppy, hard leaf.
  • BOP 1A – (Off Grades) – Any flak leaf without stalk and fiber (Clean tea).
  • BM (BROKENS) – (Off Grades) Mixed flaky leaf tea. Can have more fiber and stalk than BOP 1A.
  • BT – (Off Grades) – All mixed teas of varying sizes, with or without stalk and fiber.
  • FNGS 1 (FGS1) – (Off Grades) – Flaky leaf of small size. Can contain more fiber than BOPF, but reasonably clean.
  • FNGS (FGS) – (Off Grades) – Same as Fannings 1. Can be more fiber and uneven and not as clean as Fannings1.
  • DUST1 – Smaller than BOPF. (Rainy even well-made and reasonably clean)
  • DUST – (Off Grades) ………… size to Dust 1. Could be flaky and contain some fiber.
  • SILVER TIPS – Long tippy leaf, silver in colour, with hardly any black leaf.
  • GOLDEN TIPS – Long tippy leaf, golden in colour, with hardly any black leaf. Note: Tips and Golden Tips are not catalogued, but sold only privately.
  • BP1 – Equivalent to size of a high grown BOP, but granular.
  • BP Special – Larger particle size than BP1.
  • PF 1 – Equivalent in size to grainy high grown BOPF, but granular.
  • OF – Smaller than the PF 1. Larger than PD.
  • PF – (Off Grades) – Similar or slightly larger than PF1 and may contain some fiber.
  • PD – Grainy Dust grade. Should be smaller than OF.
  • DUST 1 – Less grainy than PD. Clean.
  • DUST – (Off Grades) – Inferior to Dust 1. Could be powdery and fibry.

General Types

  • Green Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Organic Tea
  • Flavored Tea

Packages Available in

  • Tea Packets
  • Tea Bags
  • Tea in Bulk
  • Instant Tea

Sri Lankan Coconut oil is the best quality cooking oil extracted from dried kernel of the coconut fruit (copra). As it contains the short and the medium chain saturated fatty acids as the major component of fatty acids. Sri Lankan coconut oil is 100% natural. It is available in different grades, such as White Oil, Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD), Virgin Coconut Oil, Pairing oil and Industrial Coconut oil.

White Oil – Extracted from best quality copra and retains its natural qualities such as taste, flavour and nutrition. It is ideal for frying and cooing. It contains free fatty acid (FFA) percentage of less than 0.8%.

Refined and Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) – is obtained from crude coconut oil by refining process. It is having very high keeping quality and low fatty acid content of less than 0.1 and it is ideal for cooking purposes.

Virgin Coconut Oil – It is a recently developed novel product with unique features and gaining popularity in the world market. It is manufactured from fresh kernel of the coconut fruit without causing any damages to its natural property and nutrition content. Its contains very low level of fatty acid, maximum of 0.2%. , Usages – Medicine, Body application, cooking, Baby oil etc.

Pairing Oil – It is extracted from fresh pairings resulted from the Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk industry. It is having very high flavour and FFA contain maximum of 0.8% and ideal for frying and cooking.

Industrial Coconut Oil – Industrial Coconut oil is extracted from low grade of Copra and it contains FFA level of about 1.5% and suitable for industrial purposes

Packages Available in

  • 200ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L glass jars
  • 20L pp buckets
  • 200L steel drums
  • 1000L IBC totes

Sri Lankan rubber industry has acquired historically proven core competences in natural rubber breeding, growing, primary processing & trading. Sri Lankan Natural Rubber is exported both in the raw & value added form. The country now has a premium quality natural rubber type known as Lanakprene which is an odour free to a certain extend light coloured, clean, rubber which is ideally suited for medical equipment and up market, value added products .

Rubber Manufacturers & Suppliers in Sri Lanka export raw rubber in the following forms.

Row Rubber Types

  • Latex Rubber
  • Sheet Rubber
  • Technically Specified Rubber
  • Crepe Rubber
  • Block Rubber

Cinnamon was one of the first traded spices of the ancient world. Cinnamon was a popular spice in the ancient Arab world and Arab traders have paved the way for Cinnamon to travel a long distance through the spice route to the Europen market. Cinnamon has motivated many historical voyages leading to discovery of New World by Christopher Columbus and Vasco De Gamma to Sri Lanka & South India.

Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinamomum Zylanicum) a plant indigenous to Sri Lanka is a moderately size bushy ever green tree. Cinnamon grown and produced in Sri Lanka has acquired long standing reputation in the international market due to its unique, quality, colour, flavour and aroma. The name Ceylon Cinnamon derived from the former name of Sri Lanka is a very established geographical indication for Cinnamon.Ceylon Cinnamon is known to offer plenty of health benefits, including the following.

Diabetes –  Recent studies have found that cinnamon may help control blood sugar levels. In 2003, for example, Diabetes Care found that people with type 2 diabetes who took 1, 3, or 6 grams of cinnamon reduced their fasting blood glucose levels by 18–29 percent, and also reduced triglycerides by 23–30 percent. It also reduced LDL cholesterol by 7–27 percent, and total cholesterol by 12–26 percent.

Alzheimer’s Disease – According to a 2009 study, extracts of Ceylon cinnamon inhibited the formation of the proteins and filaments that are the hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers isolated a certain flavonoid (proanthocyanidin) from the cinnamon and determined it had the majority if the inhibitory properties.

Cancer – One animal study found that a particular component in cinnamon impaired the proliferation of cancer cells and slowed tumor growth. A second study published in 2010 also found that cinnamon extracts were directly linked with anti-tumor effects.

Anti-inflammatory – A study from South Korea found that compounds from cassia cinnamon had promise as an anti-inflammatory agent, with potential in treating dyspepsia, gastritis, and inflammatory diseases.

Anti-microbial. Several studies have indicated that cinnamon has the ability to fight off bacteria. One published in 2007, for example, found that even low concentrations boosted the activity of antibiotic “clindamycin.” Study authors wrote that the results suggested that cinnamon could be used in combination therapy against certain stubborn strains of bacterial infections.

As far as other health benefits related to cinnamon, such as weight loss, the research is still limited. A scientific analysis published in 2010 reviewed the studies published to date, and concluded that cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitumor, cardiovascular, cholesterol-lowering, and immunomodulatory effects. It added that animal studies have demonstrated strong blood-sugar-lowering properties, and that cinnamon as an adjunct to the treatment of type 2 diabetes is a “most promising area.”

Cinnamon Product Categories

  • ALBA,
  • 5C-SP,
  • 5C,
  • 4C,
  • 5M,
  • 4M,
  • H1,
  • H2,
  • H2
  • No 1 Quillings,
  • No 2 Quillings,
  • Cut Cinnamon,
  • Cinnamon Powder,
  • Cinnamon Leaves,
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Cinnamon Bark Oil.

Packages Available in

  • Packs
  • Bags
  • Bulk

Organic Pineaple fields are mainly located in Coconut triangle of Sri Lanka . Organic pineapple is mainly use for fresh consumption and process food industry. Plant takes generally 12 months time to fruit set from planting.

Packages Available in

Whole Pineapple fruit

We serve following varieties of dehydrated Pineapple products:

  • Pineapple Rings – 2.5kg x 4 bags / carton
  • Pineapple Tidbits – 2.5kg x 4 bags / carton
  • Pineapple Cuts (10mm/5mm) – 2.5kg x 4 bags / carton
  • Pineapple Cuts (1-3 mm) – 2.5kg x 4 bags / carton
  • Pineapple Tidbits-(Thin) – 2.5kg x 4 bags / carton

We serve following varieties of Pineapple juice products:

Pineapple Pieces in own juice

  • 230g x 6jars/carton
  • 350g x 6jars/carton
  • 400g x 6cans/carton
  • 3kg x 6cans/carton

Pineapple Purees

  • 230g x 6jars/carton
  • 350g x 6jars/carton
  • 400g x 6cans/carton
  • 3kg x 6cans/carton

Pineapple rings in own juice

  • 230g x 6jars/carton
  • 350g x 6jars/carton
  • 400g x 6cans/carton
  • 3kg x 6cans/carton

Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) was introduced from Brazil to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese in the 16th century. It is found that more than half of the cashew extent is confined to the dry zone of the country. Cashew is becoming an important cash crop for farmers in Sri Lanka where there is great potential for increased production for the local market as well as for export. The crop needs more attention in terms of improvement of its management in order to attain higher yields. Cashew nut harvesting is usually carried out in the months of May – July by gathering fallen nuts. In the peak season a typical farmer collects 35-40 kg per day. Harvested nuts are cleaned and sun-dried for 3 days to reduce moisture to about 8-9 %.A combination of manual and mechanical methods are employed in the processing of cashew nuts in Sri Lanka, which helps to preserve the natural goodness of cashew kernels and also results in very high percentage of whole nuts.

The raw nuts are initially cooked in an autoclave and decorticated with manually operated cutting machines. The kernels are then roasted in electric ovens under low heat for over three hours. The kernels are then de-husked by removing the testa, then graded and packed within 24 hours. CO2 or nitrogen gas is used in the packing process to eliminate any micro-organisms. Grading is done into whole nuts, splits, large white pieces and Baby bits. These are then packed in PVC canisters and polythene bags. Consumer packs of roasted and salted nuts are also available at supermarkets and Airlines.

Packages Available in

Curry Tin

  • 1 Product Available in : 400g, weight.
  • Recommended for : Family, use.

Cashew Bottle

  • 14 Products Available in : 350g, 250g, 500 mlg, weights.
  • Recommended for : Family, use.


  • 8 Products Available in : 150g, 200g, weights.
  • Recommended for : Individual, Family, use.

Snack Pack

  • 2 Products Available in : 30g, 50g, weights.
  • Recommended for : Individual, use.

Semi Metalized

  • 12 Products Available in : 200g, 100gg, 50g, 100 gg, weights.
  • Recommended for : Family, Individual, use

Semi Metalized Standup Pouch – Resealable

  • 6 Products Available in : 500g, 200g, weights.
  • Recommended for : Party, Family, use.

Plastic Container

  • 1 Product Available in : 500gg, weight.
  • Recommended for : Family, use.

Composite Can

  • 1 Product Available in : 200g, weight.
  • Recommended for : Family, use.

Printed Polythene Pack