United Agro delivers high-quality agricultural products around the world. We help to organize the full range of cooperation from the manufacturer to the end-user. After all, the creation of long-term, lasting relationships is the key to successful business.

The speed of order executions and conditions of contracts in full allows us to deliver effectively the agricultural products to the EU, CIS, East and Asia.

United Agro constantly expands the scope of trading and purchasing activities and export geography, improving the logistics system of the company.

You can order the products presented on the website and also, you can make an individual order of high quality goods from the Ukrainian manufacturers.

When loading the product, United Agro of Ukraine actively cooperates with survey companies and official representatives of the buyers in Ukraine.

For questions about purchasing goods and terms of cooperation, please, call or sen email:

+38 050 44 00 777

For fruitful collaboration with us:


Call us.
Please, contact us by phone: +38 050 44 00 777


Send a request.
Send Your product order or LOI by mail: (Indicating the quantity of goods, quality indicators, terms of delivery, payment terms, delivery terms and dates of shipment).


Get a business offer.
Your request will be sent during the day with a commercial offer idicationg price and possible shipping date.


Order confirmation.
After receiving a commercial offer, confirm your order of by mail


Signing the contract.
Upon our order confirmation, you receive a draft contract for the approval and signing.


Payment of the goods.
Payment of the goods is carried out according to the conditions provided by the contract.


Shipment of goods.
The parties agree on the means of transport and the date of its submission to the load.


Confirmation of shipment.
The shipment of the goods is confirmed by the transport document (CMR, air, bill of lading, railway bill), which is sent to the buyer with a full set of certificates for the goods, and indicates the dispatch of the goods to their destination.

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Geography of cooperation

Our priorities in the work are: fulfillment of commitments in time, support of a wide range of goods, flexible pricing policy, export of quality products, long-term relationships with suppliers and importers based on mutual trust.